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Web Design & Development


html, php, css web developer phoenix arizona Best in class web design and development. That is our focus - we don't do cheap, cookie cutter sites and Wordpress templates. We don't do template sites like Wix or Homestead - we leave that to amateurs. All our work is custom and semi-custom HTML5 & PHP that is highly search engine optimized for traffic growth. If you are searching for a unique look and feel, hand tailored to fit your business or image, one that you own and that will grow traffic over time - then you have found the right place. In today's marketplace a well designed website is imperative if you want to grow your business and extend its reach. . Nearly 70% of consumers, patients, or clients will look up a business on their website before they pick up the phone. In many cases, that website is the first impression of your business - make it a good one!   A properly designed website, one with compelling content and calls to action has the potential to be your best salesperson.

Whether you are looking for a simple one page design or a complex multi-page, multi-site platform, or a CMS E-Commerce storefront we build for success. Everyone does not get a trophy in this business - there are a LOT of mediocre web design companies - we know - we've inherited a lot of work from them. Use us and you will see results. We don't promise Google front page rankings and thousands of new customers. What we do promise is a beautiful, fast , bug free, search engine friendly website built within your budget that will generate and grow traffic over time. Because we work with clients who understand the criticality of ongoing marketing, nearly all report a return on investment greater than 1:1

Web Maintenance & Admin


website maintenance and modifications phoenix arizona Maintenance. A dirty word no one wants to hear from web designers because it always means spending more money. Well the old saying goes "pay us now, or pay us more later" is definitely true when it comes to this subject. A good website is an ongoing investment. You spend all that money to put up a great site, but if you don't maintain it and keep it current, it becomes irrelevant quickly and eventually you need to pay again to refresh it. A maintenance plan eliminates that - by amortizing the cost over time with an affordable monthly fee, we provide all updates, backups, and support related to your website. We'll even provide the hosting if we built your website! In addition to keeping the site bug free and the technology current, maintenance includes constant monitoring of website traffic, installing analytics, creating a management account, tuning keywords and verifying relevance of keywords. We also tweak content site wide. SEO companies USED to call this SEO, today we call it maintenance. The search engines took away most of the tricks SEO people used to get sites ranked. Today, exceptionally clean organic search structure is mandatory on a website to get it and keep it noticed on all major search engines. That is what we do when we maintain a site.