What I Do

If your business runs on it, I have most likely had experience with it. My main focus is retail eCommerce (Magento , Shopify), B2B, medical , legal and law enforcement - obviously all types of businesses that require solid security solutions and customer facing websites. Back office work has included firewalls, internal networks, VOIP and many other systems. As an Apple Systems expert, I have extensive experience setting up secure Apple networks, applications and remote support.

Magento SME

Adobe Commerce & Magento Subject Matter Expert. Project Management & Walk-On Support

Networking & Security

Routing, Firewalls, Internet, VOIP Phones & Password Management, File Vaults & HIPPA Compliance

Apple Product Expert

Extensive experience with all things Apple. Design, build, manage all-Apple offices and networks.

Web Design & Dev

Elegantly simple,  exceptionally effective.  That has always been my mission when building sites

Cloud Apps & SaaS

Early adopter of cloud based systems and apps with extensive experience implementing them

Imaging and Optimization

An often overlooked area that can greatly impact website performance.