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Magento E-Commerce


magento developer arizona If you are selling any kind of products in volume online there is only one way to do it - with an e-commerce platform. A well designed e-commerce site has two functions: ONE, it will make doing business with you easy for your customers. TWO it will make it convenient for you to serve them. The are two parts to an e-commerce platform - the front end and the back end. The front end provides a clean, easy to use interface to customers for the presenting and purchasing of products. The back end allows the business owner to set up sales, administer products, invoicing, payments, tracking and shipping from a single location. Our platform of choice is Magento E-Commerce.

While we will provide maintenance support for carts like Woo Commerce, Big Commerce, Shopify, etc. We only design and develop on Magento. In our business we have to choose the best and by far the most robust e-commerce platform available is Magento. It also is the best looking and since we are a marketing based company how a product or brand is presented is always our focus. We concentrated on that platform because we feel there is no better commerce system out there for small and medium sized businesses. In addition to being a world-class shopping cart, Magento can also be configured to be its own website, complete with CMS pages and content - in some cases this can provide economies of scale and reduce costs. With enterprise-level security and functionality Magento is simply exceptional. Whether you are offering durable goods or software for sale we can configure Magento to drive your business sales. Before we get started, we look at each client's needs - now and a few years out. We'll look at the number and complexity of SKUs, the types of products and sales volume. We'll go over budget and requirements and put together a project based on the information we collect.

Have a legacy cart you want to update to Magento ? We have options. We can transfer legacy OSCommerce, ZenCart or other older commerce plaform data into a new Magento store. We also do migrations from Big Commerce and Shopify. Success largely depends on complexity of the database and SKU structure so homework is a must, but we have had great results for several of our clients. This is no small task, but if you have an aging legacy store or you are trapped in an online storefront we'd be happy to look at it.