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Thanks for stopping by and checking out my personal journal. My name is Mark & my mission in life is to live it to its fullest. From a young age I was outside more than I was in and to this day that still holds true.  Those of you who know me through my business connections or volunteer work  may or may not know that my adventurous spirit carries well into my personal life as well.   I am highly passionate about life’s adventures, travel, meeting people, and exploring new things.   As a climber, canyoneer,  mountaineer, long distance hiker and river enthusiast – I am able to access places very few ever get to see – and I always have my camera or GoPro with me. Afraid of heights ? fear not, I enjoy writing and sharing my adventures through photography !  This  journal represents a collection of ramblings, images and adventures from my trips locally, within the USA and globally. Keep coming back for surely there is more to come ! Here are a few of the principles I live by :

I don’t think outside the box – I live outside it…

If I could pick one phrase that defines me – this would be it.  There is nothing that terrifies me more than the prospect of a boring life filled with obligations, responsibilities and routines. That is life in a box. To say that I abhor routine is an understatement. I have feared getting trapped in that scenario since I was a young child and it still holds true today, many years later. Some people call it wanderlust or restlessness – I call it life & I have never been a fan of the box.

The only risk in life is not taking one…

I have never been one to sit or take life idly or for granted.  I see the masses going back and forth to the same job day after day for years and doing the same thing over and over and over just to stay comfortable, pay the bills, feed the kids and have a bunch of stuff and I wonder how they do it every day and stay sane. One has to take risks to grow – step outside the comfort zone –  explore your world its an amazing place.

Instead of wishing for a vacation – build a life you don’t need to escape from

Life, at least how I define it , is a grand adventure filled with exploration, learning, helping others, profound friendships & connections, and achievement – anything less is not living. True living can not be done from an office or a house – and it certainly can’t be done if fear or stress rules life.   Adventure, risk and even failure breathe life into a soul – but comfort suffocates it.  We have one life – one bucket of time – we can chose to do what everyone else does – or we can be the architect of an amazing life – that choice is ours to make.

I can be comfortable, or I can be courageous –  I cannot be both

The amazing life is not comfortable , its risky and at times uncomfortable, sometimes it can be dangerous  –  but it is one HELL of a lot more rewarding.  We all have choices of course,  but I truly feel that most of humanity’s misery and stress could be eliminated if more left the path of routine and comfort.   The old saying that comfort kills is not all that far fetched.   I  believe depression, most illnesses and nearly every other modern human malady arises out of being under challenged,  under active, and making poor choices.    Our body  and mind are the most amazing tools  we’ll ever own  – if we use them actively – fuel them well,  push them to their limits every now and then –  they will reward us with an amazing life and an even more amazing journey.

Choose to live a few years of your life like no one will – then live the rest of your life like no one can…

Profound words that have always resonated with me. The world, society, family, government, friends – all place expectations on us – false expectations. I’d argue they are limits. Shackles. We are told at a young age by everyone around us what we should be, do, and how we should act.  We’re taught to immediately buy all sorts of stuff and go to college and  get into debt,  chase the money ,  have  kids, buy the dream house, and when its all over you can retire in paradise.  And by that time, your too old to enjoy it – if you’re even still alive.    I say its all nonsense and I never believed ANY of it.  Why dream about something – do it now  –  life is what we make it.    Its living with a purpose every day – its living within one’s means and  building something we don’t need  to escape from !

The most dangerous act of all — spending your life not doing what you want on the bet you can buy yourself the freedom to do it later.

A lot of people die at 25 and are not buried until they are 75. Chances are we all know plenty of these people.    If one never leaves themselves enough  margin to take a few risks  or step outside their comfort zone every now and then  they will never get to know what is truly out there.    I push myself every day – whether it be with a friendship , with my clients,  or in the wilderness  – the only way to truly grow is to expand our limits.    The only way to expand our limits is to push aside the fears and just get the hell out there and do it.    Always have a margin.

It is better to have a short life that is full of what you like doing – than a long life spent in a miserable way…

I think a lot of people are afraid of dying because they are not living. Think about it – and the quote above is very true to that fact. Do what you love and live life to its limits – if you die doing it at least you lived.   Saddle yourself with debt and so many obligations you cannot take risks to try different things  and you have already died without ever living.

Watch the video below – 100 times if that is what it takes for it to sink in – the human soul craves adventure.
Feed it.


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